Experience and Dedication

Roshem Impact is a group of individual members from a range of backgrounds, including CEOs, impact investors, sustainable development professionals, impact measurement advisors, web developers, strategists, media managers, counsellors, mining and diamond industry experts, and many more. You can connect with all of us at Roshem.net  and explore a range of profiles, projects, groups, forums and courses. The core team you’ll meet here are the people who keep the Roshem Impact engine running and work directly with our network partners and investees.

Meet the team


Board of Directors

Miriam Davidovic

Founder, Director of Impact Technology and Board Member

Selena Ivanovic

Director of Communications

Nemanja Tomanovic

Director of Technology

Sharon Lapao

Program Development Manager

Non-Executive Independent Members

Dragica Mitic

Supplier | Organic and Regenerative Agricultural Production Expert

Valentina Mart

Senior Advisor | Chemical Safety Management

Prof. Dr. Zoran Cukic

Environmental Management Consultant