Our Supplier Capacity Building objectives for 2020 include working with Biosativa Ltd., a medium-sized locally-owned enterprise in Serbia, and FitoMit Tim Ltd., a female-owned enterprise in Serbia, to increase their access to market through e-commerce and trading platforms developed by Roshem Impact, and through formal rural innovation program initiatives managed by the Roshem Impact team alongside the company’s partners.

Guiding Principles

Roshem Impact is committed to creating an inclusive procurement process whereby Diverse Suppliers have equal access to procurement opportunities published by the company through formal channels and calls for proposals including those published on

Roshem Impact commits to assisting Diverse Suppliers throughout their business development processes, and by providing education, opportunities and resources through in-person and online programs, including those available through the platform.

Roshem Impact commits to implement, develop and maintain key metrics to assess the impact of the Supplier Diversity Policies, Goals and Objectives initiative and to communicate the results of such impact measurement and management to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Key Suppliers for 2020:

Hootsuite – The company commits to managing its own social media profiles and its client profiles, including those maintained by CMTREX global, through the Hootsuite platform, a certified B Corporation. The company has a publicized B Corp assessment score of 84.9 and its directory profile states, “Hootsuite’s vision is to revolutionize communication via social media. With over 11 million customers including 744 of the Fortune 1000 they have the potential to change the way people around the world interact on a large scale. Being part of the B Corp movement is another lever to accelerate this and inspire other companies to join the movement.”

Biosativa Ltd. – The company commits to sourcing its organic hemp oils and other natural cold-pressed oils for the purpose of producing the company’s lines of organic cosmetics produced in partnership with Fito Mit Tim Ltd. as an investment project of the company. Biosativa grows and processes certified organic plant-based products, oils, seeds, and industrial hemp.

FitoMit Tim Ltd. – The company commits to a partnership with FitoMit Tim Ltd., a woman-owned company that produces natural organic cosmetics and fertilizers for organic production. Roshem Impact will produce a cosmetics product brand in collaboration with Fito Mit Tim, as well as an organic fertilizer brand, to be distributed locally and regionally across Serbia, and across Europe as part of the company’s partnership with CMTREX Global.

Prospective suppliers are invited to review the specific terms and conditions of contract and procurement policies of Roshem Impact in order to ascertain their current and future eligibility for specific Calls for Proposal on the Roshem Network.