Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser

Prof. Dr Wayne Visser holds the Chair in Sustainable Transformation and is Professor of Integrated Value at Antwerp Management School. He is also Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. His work as a strategy analyst, sustainability advisor, CSR expert, futurist and professional speaker has taken him to 74 countries in the past 30 years to work with over 150 clients.

Dr Visser is the author of 28 books – including The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise and Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change through Business, Leadership and Innovation. He has published over over 320 chapters, articles and reports and is a guest columnist for The Huffington Post and The Guardian. As a professional speaker and academic lecturer, Dr Visser has delivered over 330 keynote speeches, lectures, courses and workshops in over 50 countries.

In addition to his academic roles, Dr Visser is Director of Kaleidoscope Futures, Founder of CSR International and Board Member of Migrant Entrepreneurs International. He previously served as Director of Sustainability Services for KPMG and Strategy Analyst for Capgemini in South Africa. Dr Visser has been recognised a Top 100 thought-leader in trustworthy business and a Top 100 global sustainability leader. He is also the recipient of the Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award.