Robert Lang

Founder & CEO – Americans for Community Development LLC
CEO – Mary Elizabeth & Gordon B. Mannweiler Foundation Inc.
Founder & CEO – L3C Advisors L3C
Founder & CEO – Endless Sky L3C
Founder & CEO – Endless Opportunities L3C
Director & CHO (Chief Holistic Officer) – NextGen Intrastructure Group


Robert M. Lang is the creator of the L3C and Founder of Americans for Community Development. As the creator of the L3C, he is responsible for getting the L3C bill passed in nine states, one territory, and three Indian Nations and has proposed a federal bill, the Philanthropic Facilitation Act that will facilitate the funding of L3Cs and other social enterprises particularly those seeking a PRI.

He calls L3Cs, “The for profit with the nonprofit soul.” The L3C is a business organization structure designed so a for profit business can do the work of a nonprofit while being independently sustainable. He created the first L3C in the world, L3C Advisors L3C, to work with social entrepreneurs, the philanthropic community and the world’s largest financial institutions to create L3Cs and the new, unique financial products needed for social impact investing. He is working to develop social finance structural harmonization around the world and facilitate investment in L3C type structures worldwide.

As part of his work he created the concept of a CHO (Chief Holistic Officer). The CHO’s function is to break through all the silos at a company and in every project the company gets involved in and analyze the total societal effect. Our present financial systems worldwide encourage silos since each little piece is essentially rated for its contributions to profit or reduction in costs. Sometimes three or four pieces need to be tweaked and integrated in order for the greater good to win out.

He is CEO of a major initiative, Endless Opportunities L3C. Endless Opportunities has identified a group of some of the most significant problems facing our world today. These can be attacked by a well coordinated initiative of talented partners, operating under one umbrella. Endless Opportunities, in keeping with the concept of a revolutionary ecosystem that creates a circular economy, looked at this specific mission and assembled the key partners needed to further that mission. The essence of Endless Opportunities’ sustainable ecosystem is FEW-WA: Creating a unified solution for problems related to Food, Energy, and Waste = Clean Water and Air.

Endless Sky L3C is one of those partners. Its goal is to revolutionize farming worldwide and make farming an indoor business operating 52 weeks a year providing just what is needed every day in the way of organic produce to local distributors and retailers. By bringing farming indoors using GrowHouses® with its ESGrow® system ES will eliminate almost all pollution issues, reduce land use by over 90% worldwide and make family arming a prosperous activity once again thereby solving many of the economic issues of rural areas.

Bob has a degree in Economics from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and completed multiple graduate level courses in Economics and English. He is on the Advisory Board of Mission Center L3C, Former Strategic Advisor to the First Miami Student and Alumni Credit Union, and a Strategic Advisor to Total Impact Advisors. He is CEO of the Mary Elizabeth & Gordon B. Mannweiler Foundation, an advocate and supporter of using for profit vehicles to achieve charitable missions. He is a member of NationSwell and listed in Who’s Who in America. He is and has been involved with many other charitable organizations. He advises a significant number of L3Cs. He was a cosmetic chemist and consultant in the cosmetic field, and when he was owner and CEO of Fabrique Cosmetique, Inc. designed and developed cosmetic systems and machinery. He was a member of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association, and is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Society of Illuminating Engineers and the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors. He lectures frequently, participates in seminars and on panels worldwide. He is frequently consulted on issues related to saving newspapers in the US, written many white papers and been published in trade publications, popular magazines, on the web and newspapers.