Rachael Smedberg

Rachael founded Tulip Tree Gardens from a personal need to have access to more fresh organic produce. Under her direction Tulip Tree Gardens has scaled from an organic vegetable micro-farm into a vertically-integrated hemp operation with a rapidly growing brand and multiple, diversified profit centers. She shares deep connections to the land and is passionate about developing high-production, sustainable ecosystems that produce high-quality floricultural and horticultural products.

Rachael is highly experienced in social media and digital marketing. Leveraging her expertise in the hemp industry, she directs and provides leadership to the company’s brand content, product development and sales outlet strategies. As a recognized thought leader on organic propagation, organic soil management, companion planting techniques and no-till farming methods, Rachael is a frequent speaker at industry events. She is very active in the non-profit sector, working with Teen Mothers Choices International, as a board member of a life/crisis pregnancy center, and by providing mentoring and life skill accountability coaching to teen mothers.