Kyle Chassé

Kyle Chassé, a cryptocurrency/blockchain industry veteran and technology entrepreneur, has founded, advised and invested in numerous early stage blockchain projects since his initial investment in Bitcoin in 2012. During 2013, Kyle founded World Super Lotto (WSL), the world’s first global lottery based on Bitcoin and went all-in on Bitcoin. In 2014 WSL went live and Kyle used some of his Bitcoin gains to participate in the Ethereum ICO followed by exploring infrastructure projects making investments in BnkToTheFuture, Pundi X, Bitstamp, Kraken, Shapeshift, Coinpayments and several others. In 2015 Kyle took on a full-time role as COO of Credits, built from scratch Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company. In 2016, Kyle was deemed “smart money” by investors during this time period as he began lucratively analysing, investing, and advising infrastructure and protocol projects from Coinbase, UBANX, Bitfinex, ULTRA, RNDR, and several others, holding impressive amounts of equity and tokens. Starting early 2018 Kyle has been traveling the world attending and speaking at crypto conferences like Malta AI & Blockchain, WBS (World Blockchain Summit), TokenomX, Futurama, Belgrade Venture Forum, Romania Blockchain Summit, Blockchain Life in Moscow and several others ; looking for disruptive projects to invest in while simultaneously building out a vast network that includes the most forward thinking blockchain thought leaders from around the world. Towards the end of 2018, Kyle founded Master Ventures (MV) – a blockchain advisory & think tank based in Koh Phangan. MV combines the skills of several executives, each with a master skill set and have all held C-Level executive positions at various startups, hedge funds, VC, and more. Master Ventures advises Tier 1 projects like, UBANX, EVEN Network,, and Elrond.

As the visionary of MV think tank, Kyle brings together the best in breed teams to build out blockchain infrastructure projects with the intention to bring legitimacy to the blockchain space. There are two products currently in the MV thinktank pipeline:

  1. Crypto Exchange Alliance (CEA) is a consortium of exchanges that will benefit from different service offerings CEA offers. Among the service offerings include a cross exchange order matching engine that will help bring liquidity to exchanges and increase volume for all via a global order book, and a universal API utilized for all exchanges. Ultimately, CEA will aid exchanges allowing them to become sustainable, trusted, and transparent.
  2. House of DAO (HOD) - HOD is the WeWork/WeLive of crypto based on Koh Phangan undergoing development. MV has hosted over 35 residents at Cryptopia (Proof of concept for HOD) on Koh Phangan, with dozens of influential visitors such as Tone Vays, Hen Global, Mike “Shill” Nye, Willy Woo, Didi “The Bitcoin Family” visiting the property to co-work and co-live in paradise island.