Roshem Impact 2021 Stakeholder Engagement Policy

2019 - Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives

In November 2019, we developed an initial project plan for the further realization of impact investing programs and initiatives to increase access to market for smallholder farmers across Southern Africa.

Roshem South Africa Evergreen fund tranched project presentation

In October 2019, we worked to engage with local stakeholder groups representing indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers across the Western Cape region of South Africa.

Our team, including Founder Miriam Davidovic, along with consultant and former TechnoServe country director for Zimbabwe, Margaret Rose, developed a guide to African Cannabis and Shared Value:

African Cannabis Agriculture and Shared Value

In early 2019, follow-up sessions of the Guardians of Heritage program were organized and developed for The Serbian Arts and Culture Society of South Africa – specifically geared towards members between 18-30 years of age. A new program was developed for the Our Story camp, involving a history and language curriculum.

See the 2019 Guardians of Heritage program here:

Guardians of Heritage 2019
The Journey
From Ideation to Realisation
Where to begin

2018 - Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives

Throughout 2018, we worked with nonprofit organizations to develop educational programming for their youth group members that would combine arts and culture with social entrepreneurship support.

We received feedback from Board members of The Serbian Arts and Culture Society of South Africa with regards to the need for long-term employment support to be developed for their youth members, along with the need for active engagement programs to facilitate new membership opportunities for younger generations. On the basis of this feedback, we updated the 2018-2019 Guardians of Heritage program to focus on camps for young members ages 6-18 years of age, and to provide formal training and pathways to long-term employment for members between 18-30 years of age.

See the 2018 Guardians of Heritage program here:

Guardians of Heritage
Our Story