The KanaboStream Community

KanaboStream is a global network that connects cannabis and hemp industry stakeholders including businesses, investors, cultivators, consultants, community members, government representatives, and consumers.

The KanaboStream professional directory of cannabis businesses showcases industry leaders, their products, benefit reports, impact data, and ESG milestones. Members can access online courses on impact investing specific to the cannabis industry, and the hemp ecosystem for sustainable development.

Together, the KanaboStream community explores how to measure cannabis industry progress according to Sustainable Development Goal indicators, as well as implement impact measurement and management best practices.
KanaboStream makes it possible for members to connect leading researchers and access the most recent data and experience.

KanaboStream supports the development of cannabis cultivation in a way that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. Data on cannabis and sustainable development is made available to members while they learn more about how to manage risks and support Environment, Social and Governance policies. Relevant market reports and scientific research are shared between members. Community activists, nonprofit leaders, and cannabis industry stakeholders, including employees and customers, connect with one another and share resources.

Joining KanaboStream ensures that you will be able to interact with true and verified professionals within the global cannabis industry. If you’re looking to expand your venture’s sustainability, start a conscious cannabis venture, or implement ESG policies, their community shares the resources to make it happen.

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