Regenerative Innovation Center Network

Through the Roshem Network, we connect the rural entrepreneurial ecosystem with a network of impact investors and impact finance innovators across the world. Our company started out as an in-house capacity building, impact management and marketing firm for the Roshem Ventures portfolio, including organic and regenerative farms, alongside natural and organic products.

We began taking on external client projects in 2018. Our collaborative initiatives and project-based work not only better prepare us to support other organic farmers and sustainable ventures, but also generate income for our community investments, rural infrastructure and farm development.

The next step in our growth involved launching and connecting a network of rural technology and co-working centers that provide training, workspace, and access to a global community through the partnerships we have formed.

Farmers, rural ecotourism operators and operators of rural SMEs can attend training online or in person at their convenience. Our model effectively supports Portuguese, Serbian, South African, Israeli, and UK-based farmers, rural small businesses and residents through marketing and IT services, access to resources, and training. We support rural stakeholders in diversifying their income while realizing greater positive impact outcomes.

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Our technological solutions and methodologies address local problems through global networking. resources can be scaled and applied to rural technology and innovation centers globally. Our current networks are in Canada, Portugal, Israel, Serbia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Our team works with Roshem Ventures to develop technological solutions for positive social and environmental impact beyond financial return. We offer a scalable rural innovation center solution that can be implemented through both on-the-ground, production and infrastructure initiatives as well as our unique software and online community membership platforms.