Roshem Impact

The programs we develop bring information technology and new skills training programs to rural environments. Find out more through the Roshem Foundation. We strive to empower both the members of our team and other like-minded individuals to achieve the sustainable development goals while simultaneously maintaining the authenticity of rural life.

Our Mission

To develop and nurture unique products and initiatives across the agricultural, technological and retail landscapes that reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals, solve economic challenges and respect natural processes. We strive to nurture an inclusive corporate culture and create economic opportunities for women, rural residents and farmers. Our technological platforms and rural innovation centers are built to serve smallholder farmers, rural artisans, indigenous communities, organic and regenerative agricultural producers. We work to ensure nature and technology merge sustainably and responsibly for economic, social and environmental benefit.

Our commitments


The revenue from our work supports local economies. Through Roshem Ventures, we invest in infrastructure, skills training, organic and regenerative agriculture, food processing, and a range of locally-produced products. This leads to job creation as well as the development of programming. We aim to mitigate local economic challenges and poverty by providing access to skills training and continuously improving working conditions. By basing our economic activities on organic agriculture and the distribution of products that are fre