The Roshem Impact team works on impact-focused projects across Serbia, South Africa, Israel, the United States of America, Portugal and beyond.

Our benefit-focused company is incorporated in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of South Africa. In these two countries, there is currently no available Benefit Corporation legal structure that would make it possible for us to prioritize stakeholder benefit above shareholder return. Our team believes that the days of shareholder primacy have long ago run their course, and that a new dawn is here for a regenerative economy that creates benefit for all stakeholders.

On February 26th 2020, our Board of Directors adopted a Resolution that would make it possible for us to adapt our Operating Agreement in accordance with Benefit Corporation legal guidelines as related to the requirements set by the States of New York and Colorado, in the United States of America, and to publicise our policies and commitments related to a stakeholder-driven approach to business.

Mission-Driven Shareholders

Miriam Davidovic

Dragan Davidovic

The above Directors are equal partners at Roshem Impact, with shares evenly distributed between them. As such, they are both equally dedicated to our Purpose and Commitments as solidified by our Board of Directors on February 26th 2020.


1.1. The Commitments of the Company include, and are not limited to, the following:

1.1.a. In rural environments, the Company hereby commits to supporting local economies by developing scalable rural innovation centers, production facilities for natural and organic farming, hemp-based solutions for sustainable development, information technology and workplace, office, coworking and training infrastructure that leads to job creation as well as developing programming that mitigates local economic challenges and poverty by providing access to skills training and continuously improving working conditions.

1.1.b. The Company hereby commits to serving previously underemployed or unemployed individuals by providing them with employment that ensures proper training, the improvement of long-term employment prospects and better access to healthcare benefits and pension funds.

1.1.c. The Company hereby commits to addressing and working to resolve environmental challenges by investing in and developing businesses and products that reduce the usage of agricultural chemicals, plastics and related chemicals, and in general terms the reduction or elimination of chemicals scientifically-proven to pose risks to human and animal health.

1.1.d. The Company hereby commits to utilizing impact metrics to measure its outcomes in order to substantiate the integrity of the individuals, organizations, products, campaigns, and ventures represented by the Company. Elements of social, environmental, and financial return are tracked throughout the value chain. Improved governance policies, corporate culture, communications and marketing strategy are implemented as part of a purpose-driven focus.


2.1. The Company shall include in its business practices, policies and standards, a commitment to public benefit purpose of material positive impact on society and the environment. The Company shall have the right to name specific public, charitable, cultural, educational, social and environmental benefit purposes and actualize such a commitment by implementing policies, procedures, strandards, practices, by-laws and business strategies that further define and measure the results of the aforementioned purposes.

2.2. Potential Directors and Officers of the Company must agree to, and substantiate their commitment to, the Company’s Social and Environmental benefit as established and defined by the Board of Directors prior to commencing the duties of a Director or Officer of the Company and shall remain committed to, as well as document and substantiate his or her commitment to, the the benefit purposes as defined by the Company and established by the Board of Directors.