Electronics, Transmissions and Services

Johannesburg, South Africa

Types of Services Provided

  • Impact investment management,
  • Impact investment structuring,
  • Impact measurement and management,
  • Carrying out educational programs for organizations supported by the company as part of its impact investments and corporate social responsibility initiatives,
  • Marketing and communications,
  • Web development,
  • Employee skills development.

Description of Project Initiatives

Electronics, Transmissions and Services is a commercial truck repair company in South Africa. The company makes impact investments in Serbia and South Africa to realize three specific sustainable development goals: SDG9, SDG8, SDG2. The company is transitioning from its current scope of work towards Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, technological solutions for the regenerative economy, and sustainable economic development consulting within the local context of South Africa. Our team supports the company in achieving these goals by carrying out: employee training and upskilling; programs funded by the company as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, including environmental, social and cultural programs; employee skills transfer programs; impact investment structuring; impact measurement and management as part of the company’s investment strategy; company marketing and communications. All of these services are provided with the intention of facilitating a transition that would involve the company’s team members applying their skills in electronics, engineering, repairs, bookkeeping and administration, towards a new scope of business. Initiatives are focused on organic and regenerative agriculture and manufacturing within a framework of circular and regenerative economic initiatives.

The Serbian Arts and Culture Society of South Africa

Types of Services Provided

  • Educational program development,
  • Training to facilitate career development and employability,
  • Grant writing,
  • Program management,
  • Copywriting, design and publication.