Our team supports business leaders, mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors, fund managers, and agricultural producers throughout the development of purpose-driven business development.

We work with our clients to support the realization of their impact measurement and management goals.

For investors and fund managers, Capacity-Building support strengthens an investee’s operations, strategy, or impact. Such support may be provided either pre-or post-investment and either directly by the investor or by a third party. While we share the scope of our work defined as “Capacity Building Support”, investors use a variety of other terms for this practice, including Technical assistance, Portfolio engagement, Non-financial support, and Value-additive support.

We support our clients and network members by identifying Impact Themes and opportunities, while outlining and implementing impact measurement and management plans.

The Model

Our capacity building methodology is inspired by circular and regenerative processes. Through the RAZ Finance Network, we provide a full range of support to our clients, partners, and members ranging from impact investment strategy and regenerative business development, to impact measurement and management, as well as web development and marketing through Roshem Strategic Communications.

Our information technology division: Roshem Strategic Communications takes on web development projects that are aligned with our values. The information technology support provided by Roshem Strategic Communications is geared towards mission-driven businesses, and leaders with strong commitments to positive social and environmental impact.

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Roshem Regenerative Innovation

We believe that all businesses and investments make an impact.

With the right frameworks, policies and tools, we can co-create meaningful solutions to the world’s greatest challenges through our businesses.

From Israel, the USA and Serbia our team and RAZ Finance Network members provide:

  • Communications and sustainable business development strategy
  • Equitable trade, sourcing, and supply chain development consulting services
  • Business development consulting within the impact investing sector, with a focus on sustainable, regenerative and organic agriculture
  • Impact metrics and consulting related to third-party verification, including B Corporation certification
  • Membership-based online learning
  • In-person training and workshops
  • Intellectual property management and trademark registration
  • Project management for impact-focused companies

The Roshem Strategic Communications team provides:

  • Communications and marketing strategy development
  • Web design and development
  • Online community membership platform development
  • Information technology consulting, including information security advisory
  • Graphic design
  • Digital and print marketing
  • Media services including public relations, videography, and video editing
  • Social media management

The Power of Capacity Building Support

The impact investing industry has grown substantially since the term was widely adopted in 2007. While an increasing number of viable investment opportunities has driven this growth in part, three-quarters of impact investors surveyed continue to identify a limited number of high quality investment opportunities with track records as a major challenge constricting the industry’s growth.

In addition to providing financing,impact investors often bolster the capacity of their investees, thereby growing the number of investment-ready businesses. Capacity-building support, also known as technical assistance (TA), is one tool that many impact investors use to strengthen and enhance the investability—and, hence, performance—of companies. According to the GIIN’s 2015 Annual Impact Investor Survey, 73% of impact investors provide technical assistance to investees.


Capacity-building support can take many forms and address a wide variety of issues.


In an effort to offer greater insight into the practice and utility of capacity building support, this report explores common forms of capacity-building support used by impact investors, many of which resemble forms of nonfinancial support historically leveraged by conventional investors. While both impact and conventional investors use capacity-building support to strengthen the underlying businesses of investee companies, impact investors also use it to enhance and extend their impact.

"Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business. "- Anand Mahindra