To develop and nurture unique products and initiatives across the agricultural, technological and retail landscapes that reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals, solve economic challenges and respect natural processes.


We endeavor to contribute to the growth and overall happiness and well-being of each individual. Our multifaceted venture ensures that positive social and environmental impact beyond financial return can be measured and scaled to produce even greater and more meaningful results.

Roshem Impact cultivates authentic natural foods while also nurturing a social and environmental impact-focused corporate culture. We invest in sustainable development within the local environments we work from, and in the growth, knowledge, long-term health and financial security of our team members.

Roshem Impact sources and develops products that transform the local commercial landscape for the betterment of health and well-being within the wider community. Internationally, we source products from companies that are committed to reducing or eliminating their use of harmful chemicals. We provide consulting and marketing solutions to companies that are committed to realizing verifiable, positive, social and environmental impact outcomes.

Our food, products and publications nourish a true connection with nature and community in multi-faceted ways. We are all connected through nature itself and also through the ever-changing and improving digital and internet space. Our network is a place where nature and technology merge sustainably and responsibly. Regenerative business models are shared with the world through the Roshem Rural Innovation Centers. We strive to inspire people to become more conscious of the impact of their decisions on their own local communities, the natural environment that surrounds them and also our global interconnected community.

Our capacity building and community investment projects are geared towards supporting innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in realizing positive social and environmental impact beyond financial return.

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  • Miriam Davidovic, Founding Member, Impact Finance, Impact Measurement and Management, Impact Data
  • Selena Ivanovic, Director of Communications
  • Nemanja Tomanovic, Director of Technology

South Africa

  • Magni Moodley, Office Manager
  • Mathabo Mbele, Media Manager

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