Customer Feedback

We strive to maintain a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of our business. Based on customer, client and Roshem Network member feedback for the year 2020 between January and June, we have established the following goals:

From June 2020, all clients of Roshem Impact will be provided with access to the Roshem Network, and:

  • a project-based team group where they can post their feedback, questions, requests and goals
  • a dedicated Client Service portal for communication with a representative from outside of their project group to whom they can relay challenges and concerns
  • private and customized platforms , forums and groups for business development initiatives and workflow related to their project

We are developing custom solutions for impact investment strategy development, to:

  • digitalize the implementation of the LBG Framework, the global standard in measuring and managing corporate community investment directly on our Roshem Network platform, client and customer portal
  • expanding our Consulting service offering to extend to Human Resources service offerings, with a particular focus on developing and implementing Employee-focused Impact Business Models for our clients, customers and members

We’re proud to share details of our 2020 customer Feedback as obtained from our current long-term clients, customers and partners.

How would you rate your client service experience thus far?

Unsatisfactory 0
Neutral - no issues have come up requiring a client service process 0
Satisfactory - my concerns have been addressed 0
Excellent - the client service representative met or exceeded my expectations 0

How often do you utilize tools developed by Roshem Impact for your company, organization or team?

  • Daily - our website and our improved reporting software
  • Every day - our website and catalogs - the tools implemented by Roshem team members who work at our offices
  • We use their services in web development at least on a weekly basis.
  • Every workday. We use the CMTREX Global platform.
  • Daily, we have changed our company strategy as recommended by Roshem Impact
  • Very often, as one of the tools they developed for us is an online booking system and the sending of gift vouchers to clients from our website.
  • Every day

Would you view Roshem Impact sustainability and impact consulting services as:

Introductory level for sustainability or impact consulting 0
Industry standard level according to third-party criteria 0
Above industry standards 0
Leadership-level: the team has created something innovative that is changing the industry 0
N/A - I have not worked with this department 0

Would you view Roshem Impact communications and information technology services as:

Introductory or basic level for the communications and information technology sector 0
Industry standard level according to third-party criteria 0
Above industry standards 0
Leadership-level: the team has created something innovative that is changing the industry 0
N/A - I have not worked with this department 0

How efficiently do Roshem Impact products or services help you achieve your goals?

Can be improved - inefficient or in need of further development 0
Satisfactory for the early stages of a project or tool or platform development 0
Efficient, I am satisfied with the results thus far 0
Excellent, products or services have met or exceeded my expectations 0
Results have led to a partnership and/or investment 0

What is your favorite tool, product or service from the Roshem Impact offerings you have experienced?

  • The Roshem Network platform
  • The utilisation of the LBG model for community investment
  • We've only utilised their web development capacities so far. And they really exceeded our expectations by helping us understand the process in depth. We are open to new forms of partnership with them and are looking forward to the possibilities.
  • The custom online community platforms
  • B-Corp assessment strategy and marketing assistance
  • Online booking system
  • Web development

What's working for you and why?

  • Our business development process and impact strategy as developed by Roshem Impact
  • Our websites and marketing are good. The social impact element of our storytelling approach is working well and we are happy to continue with community investments.
  • Patience and your team’s readiness to explain everything.
  • It has been helpful to have our business development conversations on the CMTREX Global and Roshem Network platforms
  • The marketing strategy has provided us with imminent positive results
  • I like your proactive attitude and that you think in advance about solutions that could be applied in our business. This allows us to improve our business and stand out from the competition.

What's not working for you and why?

  • The tools and software we currently use - we would like custom solutions developed by Roshem
  • We would like to work with your team to formally hire new members of our team and engage your HR consulting as well, because formalised processes are certainly lacking in our current local environment.
  • We don't like relying on email threads and phone chat groups. It is better to have business development conversations and project conversations on custom platforms.