Our Mission

To develop and improve unique cannabis and hemp products and initiatives across the global agricultural, technological and retail landscapes.

We create solutions that eliminate harmful chemicals, reduce chemical usage as part of transitions to organic production, solve economic challenges and respect natural processes.

Our work creates a verified, meaningful positive impact on the environment and society while increasing triple bottom-line performance.

Our Vision

To serve as a leading international cannabis think-tank, policy development group, and consulting firm.

To develop dynamic and compelling reports, videos, educational material and implement sustainable development programs.

We strive to inspire leaders to become more conscious of the impact of their cannabis businesses on local communities, the natural environment, and our global interconnected community of stakeholders.

Our work realizes positive social and environmental impact beyond financial return across the global cannabis business landscape

See Our Impact In Action

What We Do

The Cannabis Impact Group explores the impact of cannabis with the intention of realizing increased positive outcomes for businesses, their supply chains and employees, employees, communities, customers and the planet’s natural ecosystems.

We advise companies that are committed to reducing or eliminating their use of chemicals, with a preference for those transitioning to organic production.

Within the technological and digital space initiatives develop cannabis and hemp products that transform the global commercial landscape for the triple-bottom-line: people, planet and profit.

We provide consulting and marketing solutions to cannabis and hemp companies that prioritize, or are working towards, a verifiable positive social and environmental impact.

Roshem Impact

The Cannabis Impact Group is an initiative of Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation, and is being realized in partnership with CMTREX Regeneration.

Roshem Impact primarily consults for fund managers, investors, corporations and nonprofits to provide support in structuring their impact investments. Together, we identify investable opportunities focused on impact outcomes, craft impact measurement and management strategy, alongside providing sourcing and supply chain support related to sustainable products. Our team further supports business and entrepreneurs in measuring and managing their positive impact while communicating outcomes to their stakeholders.

The Cannabis Impact Group was launched to support the implementation of impact investing, impact finance, impact measurement and management best practices across the cannabis industry landscape.

Revenue from our consulting projects is re-invested through Roshem Ventures to support the development of our rural innovation center network.

Ready to Grow Your Regenerative Cannabis Business?

Our essential service is the strategic business development of cannabis and hemp ventures that create positive social and environmental impact beyond financial return.

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